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Steinway B to Dubai


Honest and professional. Helped me buying my first Steinway B through the whole process: selection, shipping and after sale support. Many thanks Sonny and the team.

-Haysam El Shater

Steinway L Grand Piano Rebuild "Golden Age" to North Carolina

show 140.jpg

When the opportunity to purchase a Steinway of my own came around, I knew exactly where to go. My husband had been following Sonny for a while, occasionally showing me a piano that he knew I would like. I had worked a lot with a Model L in grad school and really loved the piano. I was pleasantly shocked to see the same piano again at a festival this summer, after several decades. I knew that it was a sign from above, we started looking for an L. Sonny actually had 3! I chose a 1926, (the Golden Age) because I knew it was the same era as my old friend. Nothing could have been easier from start to finish. I wasn't worried about sending quite a chunk of cash for a piano that I had never seen or played because of my knowledge and experience with the Steinway product. Sonny's demo was also a really good seller. The piano is in awesome condition to be as old as it is. I thought that the finish would have a scratch or dent but it is immaculate. It had been rebuilt along the way with new Steinway hammers, shanks, keytops, and strings. The bass is very rich, warm, and powerful, making one think that the piano is bigger than it is. The treble is wonderful with a clean tone capable of dynamic range. Certainly could not be happier. Now I can watch Sonny's vids for pleasure only. 

Mark Ganzer

Steinway S Charcoal To Tennessee

show 138.jpg

Hey Sonny this is Dustin Davis from Knoxville Tennessee. We just got our piano delivered today and it is beautiful. I just want to send a sincere thank you for everything you're a man of your word. It is awesome it was wonderful in the room my daughter was ecstatic about it. She woke up today was sitting right in there delivery driver was awesome very much for gentleman. So I thank you immensely and anyone I know who needs a piano I will send to watch your videos and then call you. Thanks again. Have a great day.

Dustin Davis

Steinway S Charcoal To Tennessee

show 138.jpg

Hey Sonny this is Dustin Davis from Knoxville Tennessee. We just got our piano delivered today and it is beautiful. I just want to send a sincere thank you for everything you're a man of your word. It is awesome it was wonderful in the room my daughter was ecstatic about it. She woke up today was sitting right in there delivery driver was awesome very much for gentleman. So I thank you immensely and anyone I know who needs a piano I will send to watch your videos and then call you. Thanks again. Have a great day.

Dustin Davis

I couldn't be happier! BALDWIN SF10 Slatington, Pennsylvania

show 137.jpg

I couldn't be happier than I am with the purchase of the 1984 7' Baldwin SF10 with the PianoDisc Prodigy player system from Sonny's Piano. At first it was somewhat daunting to make such a large purchase sight unseen and several people told me that it was foolish to do this, but Sonny showed how wrong they were. The piano is just as Sonny described it and my professional piano technician with 40 years in the business having gone all through the instrument shortly after its arrival at my home confirmed that it is superb instrument in every way. The German made action showed no wear and the case without blemish. It had truly been a decorative piece of furniture in the home of the original owners and hadn't been used and even the hammers which are original show almost no cuts. I now have a high-quality piano at an extremely reasonable cost and one which will take my hard use and still hold up decade after decade. The new Prodigy system is a marvel as well and Sonny provided the piano with the system beautifully installed by his technicians along with an iPad fully loaded with music. I highly recommend Sonny's Piano to any sceptics out there if you want a high-quality piano at a reasonable price and have it arrive at your home exactly as described. Kudos as well to the piano movers for a superb job! Thank you, Sonny, for your integrity and for providing me with a good experience! Tom Bartholomew Slatington, Pennsylvania 

Tom Bartholomew

Steinway L Ebony Gloss To Ohio

show 113.jpg

We searched for a used S, M or L for months. We played at a least a dozen used Steinways and were disappointed. We shopped our large hometown piano dealer, a dealer in a city an hour away and the Internet. The pianos were wildly overpriced, in poor condition or the sound didn't live up to the Steinway name. Then we discovered Sonny's online video tours and visited the warehouse. We played no fewer than 10 Steinways and we found our magnificent model L. Clear, driving bass, beautiful long-lasting overtones and pure even sound. This was it. It arrived in our home in the midwest a week later and now sits proudly in our livingroom, thrilling us with its strong, rich tone. Our Steinway-trained technician inspected and tuned it, and pronounced it an excellent piano. There can be no higher praise and we couldn't be happier. Thank you, Sonny,

Roger and Lisa

Steinway Purchase

show 136.jpg

I bought my Steinway Upright about 7 years ago from Sonny. I don’t remember how I found him but I know it was after hours of visiting piano sellers locally and online searches. I can say he gave me great advice well before I decided on a piano he had; he spent a lot of time on the phone with me over several days of calls; he was honest; and he gave me an incredible deal. What brings me to write a review now is how much I’ve enjoyed playing the piano Sonny sold me (and how much others have enjoyed playing it); the incredible things my tuner continues to say about the piano and the deal I got; and a recent online search I did for a friend which confirmed how lucky I was to stumble upon Sonny before I bought.

Michael P.

Complete Satisfaction

show 117.jpg

Sonny, It's hard to believe that over two years have passed since I wired you a large sum of money, sight unseen, for a Steinway model L piano based on your insightful and detailed telephone description of the piano. I was naturally quite uncomfortable with an internet transaction of this magnitude with an out of state vendor who was over a thousand miles away. But I want to take this opportunity to thank you for enriching my home with such a fabulous, professionally reconditioned Steinway at a very good price. The piano has provided countless hours of enjoyment for me and even served a professional pianist playing for an audience of over one hundred guests in my home at a Christmas party last year. I wish you many more years of doing your job ever so well. Sincerely,

Don W.

Steinway O 1915 w/PianoDisc IQ Player System-Spring Texas

show 103.jpg

Sonny, It was a pleasure working with you in Buying this Steinway,in fact it was the best online buying experience of my life as you made me feel so much at ease throughout the entire process. I admire your honesty and passion you have for your music. You went out of your way to educate me about the pianos and left the ultimate decision to me. The piano was delivered and setup professionally, it looks and sounds like new, your people did a great job on the finish, and the price simply cannot be beat. I wonder why people buy a new piano when they can get one like this from you at a fraction of the price of a new one. IF ANY ONE IS IN THE MARKET FOR A PIANO SHOULD BUY ONE FROM YOU WITH THEIR EYES CLOSED. Icing on the cake is after the sale service that you have provided us which I am sure you provide to to all your customers. Thank you for this wonderful experience and a perfect instrument and a beautiful piece of furniture.

With regards J.S.Thandi

Steinway M 1914 Total Rebuild To New Hampshire

show 134.jpg

My new Steinway grand arrived recently thanks to Sonny. He spent over an hour fitting me to the right instrument. He answered every question, concern and fear that I was buying the right piano for me. He listened, then made a suggestion, and took the time to fit me with an incredible instrument. My piano is my dream. The sound is rich and it’s beauty resonates through the house. I can’t thank him enough. He truly loves pianos, music and people. I also want to say that his staff is incredible, including the movers. They were courteous, respectful and on time. Thank you, I will never forget the kindness shown and of course my magnificent piano. I am very lucky. My eternal gratitude.


Hardman Player Piano To Virginia

show 139.jpg

Please thank Sonny for such a flawless instrument it is beautiful and looks great in my home , I hope to be able to make it sing with beautiful notes and songs soon. Thank You for your help as well let me know how to do a testimonial with pictures. Chris was great 100% professional the weather was very hot and he never missed a beat great guy. Regards David


Steinway 2001 M to Birmingham, Alabama

show 131.jpg

Looked at local music stores in Birmingham Alabama where I live, then looked online at several other sources, and ultimately landed on Sonny’s because of their low price primarily. However, after talking to Sonny and even visiting his warehouse in Port Jefferson since we were near his location while on vacation in New York, we became convinced that Sonny was a legitimate seller who would stand by his inventory. He’s also a very nice guy. We concluded that he could not have been in business this long with as many consistent positive reviews if he was not honest and legit. The piano is delivered to our home, and is exactly what we saw in the videos. Very professional all the way around. Would definitely buy from him again.

Lucas Gambino

Here is a testimonial about the excellence of Sonny's Pianos

show 129.jpg

Hi Sonny! I wanted to take a moment to thank you for the joy you have brought into my home. Thank you for going out of your way to find exactly the model and furniture style of Kimball grand I was looking for and then using your artist to turn it into my dream art case piano! At every step of the way you were a joy to work with and the finished piano has exceeded my expectations. It is a little daunting to purchase a piano without seeing or playing it but I trusted you and my trust was not misplaced. The piano fits the room and the decor perfectly and looks absolutely stunning. The tone and action are remarkably good and the instrument is a joy to play and listen to. The condition of the piano is very good and the tuner remarked that the action was in very good condition and the hammer felts had very moderate wear. I am so thrilled with this piano and it will be my dear friend for the rest of my life. Please thank Jonathon and the rest of your staff for making this such a simple, pleasurable and rewarding experience. Thank you for making this happen Sonny. I have enjoyed talking pianos with you and your honesty, integrity and sincerity are so much appreciated. You did everything you said you would do and more and I LOVE the piano. What more could anyone ask for? Thank you again, Greg

Greg Holmes

Steinway S Chippendale

show 125.jpg

I bought an absolutely beautiful Steinway grand from Sonny and it arrived 3 weeks ago. I truly can't say enough good things about Sonny and the service I received. He was supremely patient with all my endless questions. Not only did I come away with a beautiful piano, but I learned so much from this man who is so knowledgeable about pianos. The piano arrived in perfect condition and everything was just restored impeccably. The sound is just deliciously rich and it's such a treat to play this piano. Anyways, Sonny is more than deserving of this 5 star review, and I highly highly recommend him if you are thinking of getting a piano, you won't go wrong. 

Jit Teo

Steinway M with PianoDisc to Pasadena California

show 118.jpg.png

Hi Sonny The piano was beyond my imagination ! Excellent condition as described. The player system was installed to perfection and is user friendly. We are still letting her settle into her new home but already sounds amazing ! It arrived the day before Thanksgiving and Encore (piano moving service) even told me that you called to make sure they delivered before Thanksgiving as we had requested. My son Jude (6 yrs old) will be starting his piano lessons soon. Bless your heart for restoring this beautiful piece and adding many years of mental yoga in our lives........... Be well,

Vera R Pasadena, CA

Crown Jewel Steinway B 1995 Santos Rosewood To Philadelphia

show 119.jpg

I contacted Sonny when I was looking to purchase a unique and beautiful sounding used piano. Purchasing a used piano can be a bit of a gamble. I hired a piano technician in my area to evaluate 4 different used pianos for me prior to calling Sonny. There were some good choices but non seemed to completely fit my requirements. I didn't want a project. Minor things were fine but the piano had to be in excellent condition not in need of any major repairs for many years. Sonny spent time on the phone with me to really understand what I was looking for in an instrument. I was a professional level clarinet player in the past but wanted to get back to playing the piano. Because I am a musician at heart, the sound quality of the piano was very important to me. After much searching I decided that Bosendorfer or Steinway would be my only choices. I also wanted a larger instrument and decided on at least a Steinway B or larger. Sonny had several pianos that interested me but he suggested a Santos Rosewood Steinway B that was in excellent condition with a beautiful tone. I sent an independent piano technician to evaluate the instrument since I live about 4 hours away. They confirmed the piano was everything Sonny said it to be. Excellent condition. Beautiful singing tone. My husband then took the train up to Bohemia where they picked him up and took him to the store. They helped with every step of the transaction. I asked if he could get a piano disc player installed and deliver it by Easter ( that was less then a week from purchase). It all came together as promised. The piano settled for a few weeks and then Sonny sent someone to tweak it to my liking and perfect the tuning post move. I am really grateful to Sonny for his personal customer service and helping me find a piano that I really love. I spent a lot of time searching for a piano....and also educating myself regarding pricing. You can't beat his pricing. I think my piano is worth about $10000 more than I paid and his pricing on the Piano Disc player was outstanding. I would definitely give Sonny a call if you are searching for a used quality instrument. 


Steinway L To Denver

Hello son is I'm very happy! Late last year my son, his wife and their newborn son moved from San Diego, California to Denver, Colorado. Before the move he decided to sell his current piano and move into the world of Steinway. Not knowing who or where to call he asked me if would do some research for him so he gave me a few names he had seen on the internet. The first place I called asked if I could call back in 30 minutes and speak to their Steinway 'specialist'. When I called back and asked for the 'specialist' I discovered not only did they not carry Steinway pianos but the 'specialist' tried to refer me to a broker working out of his home. My call to the next store was not much more successful. They had a warehouse full of Steinway pianos but I didn't find out until much later why they had so many. Their prices were typically 12-20% higher than the other stores and much higher than yours plus they didn't have pictures of the actual pianos. One of the stores I called even told me to look at pianos on your website and to call him back with the model I liked. Now there's a statement for you folks! Then I called Sonny, on the other side of the Country. Sonny asked questions and answered some of mine before I had the chance to ask them. Sonny, is a STEINWAY ‘GUY’. He was knowledgeable calm and not pushy, in fact he seemed more interested in telling me why Steinway was the way to go than he was in selling me a Steinway! I called my son…my son called Sonny and they did the ‘deal’. … The Steinway L Grand Piano was delivered and the piano was perfect and was EXACTLY as Sonny and Heather had represented this piano to be except for one detail, the Steinway logo on the fallboard decal that is above where it says Steinway & Sons was missing. My son called Sonny and I called as well…The order to correct the logo immediately went out from Sonny to the best technician in Denver, an appointment was made, and now the Steinway is perfect. Thank you Sonny and Heather for everything! Thank you Sonny and Heather for everything! We have already referred you to two friends. David Sonne, Los Angeles, California June 5, 2015

David Sonne

Forever thank you!

Dear Sonny, Periodically, I feel the desire to tell you what this Steinway piano I purchased from you has done for me and now my granddaughter. I lost my 7 yr. Incredible Gordon Setter dog suddenly last week (cancer). It was devastating. The only thing that gave me solace was playing this beautiful instrument for an hour. Amazing how it “peaced ” me. Secondly, my 12 old granddaughter came while I was playing, she knew that I struggled for years as a result of Lyme. She never heard me play. Tearfully, she said “grandma, that’s beautiful, I didn’t know you could play like that”. This child (at 12 now expressed a desire to play. I sat with her she loves Moonlight Sonata. She knows how to read music and 1 day only, she learned the first 1/2 page. She wants desperately to continue. Only rule, before she plays, she has to say she’s playing a Steinway. So, Sonny, tradition Carries on. Thank You. PS_I ordered her a full-size keyboard with bench and seat. Warmest regards

Lyn Gaudiana

Steinway M Custom Matte Finish To Florida Keys

show 132-2.jpg

Sonny and Jonathan, I just wanted to let you know we adore our piano. The delivery was so smooth and we could not be happier. Thank you so much, it is everything I had hoped for.


Baldwin R Grand Piano To Recording Studio In Miami

show 128.jpg

Hi Sonny, I am writing to thank you for the beautiful Piano we got! We were kind of speechless, because it's exactly what the picture displays...amazing... The movers were fantastic, even though they had to kind of find an angle to get it in the elevator. Hopefully, we will get a second one for our second location, I have attached pictures! Thanks again.... --

GreenTop Studios LLC

Art Case Knabe To a Wonderful Nelsonville NY Family

show 122.jpg

Amazing. Sonny is a true musician and genuine good person. He welcomed the four of us into his shop and made us feel like family. We were looking for a specific type of piano but were also interested in an another Knabe which was almost twice the price of our original targeted style. He gave us the breathing room to play the pianos we were looking at while still being on hand to answer any questions we had. He made no move to influence our decision. We ended up buying the piano we had heard on the internet. What a joy. It arrived yesterday in excellent tune. You cannot go wrong purchasing a piano here. The proprietor has too much integrity for anything else.

Ame Chiera‎

Custom Sandstone Steinway S in Utah

show 124.jpg

Hi Sonny! My piano just received a tune-up... & the sound it makes is majestic & warm. I'm soooo happy! Thank you for the ease of this whole process... I'm known for being a do-it-yourself-er... But buying the right piano & painting it is NOT on my list

Ciao! Megan

Steinway M Mahogany 1918 To Custer Observatory Concert Center, Southold NY

show 127.jpg

Hi Sonny, The concert went well. The piano sounded really nice and looked beautiful! We had a full house.. people opted to stand even though there were a few seats.. I think they preferred the view of the piano when standing. I have received excellent feedback from the Institute board members, musicians and guests. We are loving our new piano!


Please send paramedics (Steinway B)

show 91.jpg

Cause we are both having heart attacks over the excitement of this piano. It's absolutely beautiful. And sounds beautiful. Thank you Sonny!!!! I will send picture presently. Movers were great. Perfect. (Steinway Model B 1896, Total Rebuild & Refinish) 

Geoff and Thomas

show 101.jpg

Steinway Art Case Queen Anne To the Royal Family


Hi Sonny, The princesses got back a few days ago, the palace manager told me Karim came in to uncrate the piano and tune it. He spoke highly of the beautiful vintage piano and its condition. He and a colleague then tuned the piano, they also applied the Dampp-Chaser system on the piano. The Royal Family thanks you for the wonderful Piano Yoga DVD kits they received, and the hygrometer as well. They are so pleased with how the piano came out to be even more beautiful in person. They said once played, it sounds wonderful. They are so glad they purchased this elegant artcase steinway from you. Thanks again Sonny for helping out. I appreciate it. Best, Jen


show 105.jpg

Steinway M 1945 To Jersey City

Hi Sonny! I received the piano yesterday and it looks stunning, the sound is as beautiful as I could imagine, thank you very much for all your help.


Steinway B 1962 To Long Island

Dear Sonny, I bought a Steinway Model B from you 2 years ago when I was purchasing a home on the Island. Right before the closing the seller passed away and you very kindly stored my piano for me for a few months while I found a new home. Well, since then that piano has made the me happiest woman in the world - and I owe alot of that to you. I had the pleasure of acquiring a new student this week - the daughter of a gentleman who purchased a Yamaha Baby Grand from you for his wife this Christmas. Like me, they are VERY happy with their purchase and with you. I thought you might be glad to hear the excellent reputation you have :)


show 106.jpg

Mason & Hamlin Model A to Caribbean

Dear Sonny, You are directly responsible for my first - and what I hope - will be my only experience with clearing items at the Port of Kingston; BUT I must confess that it was worth it. I am happy to report that the piano is now at my home and I am certainly a happy camper. This was indeed worth it and I am happy that I chose to purchase my piano from Sonny's Pianos. As you can well imagine, this was truly a leap of faith experience but your openness and understanding of what I was looking for has won out. First of all, the tone and quality of the sound is just warm. I am still rusty but my little remnants of Bach and Debussy are already sounding like I will be in heaven in their near future; after some practise. I cannot thank you and your team enough (hello Jennifer!) for all your help and updates.


show 133.jpg

Young Chang Ebony Baby Grand to Philadelphia

Good morning, Jonathan & Sonny My daughter's piano arrived this morning in great shape. It was a pleasure doing business with your company Sonny's Pianos. Thanks again.


show 102.jpg

Steinway M 1914 Reconditioned to El Dorado Hills, California

Dear Sonny, I meant to write review long time ago when we received the Grand M in Jan. for my children's Christmas present. Our son Navin (7 years old) performed Pirate Island this May in Folsom, CA at the Performing Art center and did excellent because he got excellent Piano from you. We are so happy we found you. You are one of the few people we have come across who is so dedicated to provide outstanding service with passion and integrity. Thank you very much for delivering Steinway M. We would like to meet you when we come to New York. Very Sincerely

Naba Kadel and family

show 104.jpg

King Louis XV Walnut 1982 to Florida

Thank you Sonny and Elaina for taking such good care of me. It was a wonderful surprise when they called me yesterday to deliver it today. It is perfect. I couldn't be happier. Thank you for the tips. I'm sure everything will be just fine. It sounds beautiful at this point and it hasn't even settled in yet. Even my husband noticed the quality of the sound. It has a lovely place in our parlor, and that's where it's going to stay. Take care & God Bless.

Regards, Bonnie

show 100.jpg

Steinway B 1922 Rebuild To Las Vegas

Hi Sonny! I've been going to call you because I am loving it so much! I couldn't be happier!!! My students are really enjoying it. I broke my elbow 2 1/2 weeks ago so it's been great therapy for me to get it moving and grooving LOL The finish on the top and sides is just gorgeous. I am so very pleased with the touch and the job your guys did with the keytops is sensational. Thanks so much, Sonny. It was more than a pleasure to do business with you.


show 123.jpg

Win A Free Piano Contest Contestant Remembers

Hey Sonny, You may not remember me, but I definitely remember you. I sent in a video of me playing songs on a beginner level years ago to your piano contests. Although I did not win, you still went out of your way to send me a digital piano which I practiced on daily. I then upgraded to a Casio Clavinova, and then years later to a Kurzweil EP500, And currently have a Roland RD 800. I want to thank you for what you did when I was about 16. I am 26 now and get paid to play art gallery showings, weddings, charitable events for local town owners and organizations (for free of course), and for pure enjoyment. I am about to upgrade yet again to this exact piano next week for my home and came across this video wanting to hear the sound of this piano. You exemplify a great business man whether you are still in business or not and a fantastic human being. Thank you for doing what you do. Take care.-Corey



Sonny's Reply

Hi Corey...Thank you for your kind words....I certainly remember you...and I am so happy to hear from you....and am delighted to hear about your success on the piano. Yes I think that was our first Win A Free Piano Contest...from there we went on to build an app on Facebook and run several more that went international with 100 countries participating. You must be very happy to be living your dream making money playing gigs...I am so proud of you and want to thank you for remembering me and my small contribution to your journey which by the way is still in its early stages...yes the journey of the piano is just great....Best regards...stay in touch.....Sonny


Steinway M To Pittsburgh

Hi Sonny: I just wanted to thank you taking the time to try out all your pianos. I love my Steinway Model M that I purchased from you. It is truly one of a kind. You were courteous and had a no pressure sales attitude when I came to view your pianos. You told me to just have fun and play them all.

After purchasing my Steinway you had it delivered within two weeks. The piano arrived in perfect condition. The gentlemen were very responsible with the piano and put it together carefully not to damage it.

It was a joy to meet you and everything that you said was true with the piano. My piano tuner could not believe was a gem this piano is. Everyone is amazed at the tone which is what I heard when you advertised it on your web page. When you said it sounds even better than what was on the video you were correct.

Again, thank you so very much for all your help and being a genuine honest person whom I believe just wants everyone to enjoy music as much as you do!



show 84.png

Steinway Model M King Louis XV Style Lands in Singapore

Hi Sonny Thanks for a really beautiful Steinway King Louis XV Piano. Best regards Ong

Ong From Singapore

Steinway L To Denver

It was an absolute pleasure working with Sonny and Heather at Sonny's Pianos. Buying a Steinway piano from two time zones always did not strike me as ideal, but Sonny made me feel at ease throughout the entire process. Sonny never attempted to upsell me, and was honest, forthright and informative throughout the transaction. The piano was delivered on time, and looks and sounds wonderful. And his prices simply cannot be beat. You can tell that Sonny has a passion for pianos, and making sure they find the right home. I will definitely recommend Sonny to any and all of my friends, family and colleagues if they are ever in the market for a piano.

Josh S.

Steinway Model O 1905 To California

Dear Sonny, The Steinway Model O 1905 piano we purchased from you arrived in LA and it is certainly everything you said it would be. It has character in both sound and style and is a unique and ascetically pleasing instrument. The piano makes an instant connection on anyone playing it, and fits the Parisian Left Bank look of our place perfectly. It is an almost inexplicable feeling touching the keys of this beauty, I have never experienced anything quite like it.

B.V. - California

show 93.jpg

Steinway O 1914 Rebuild/Refinished To Houston TX

Hi Sonny.... My 1904 Steinway O was delivered this afternoon and it is beautiful. It is everything you described and more. It's even in tune which is a huge surprise after a trip from New York to Houston. Also, the moving company did an outstanding job; Piano Movers of Texas. Two guys that had delivered eight pianos today brought it in and were great. Very mindful of my wood floors, walls and other furniture. Definitely continue to use them. I'll be sure to refer everyone that asks about a piano to you. Thank you very much,


Steinway L To Long Island

My first experience with Sonny was without question a refreshing one...He was polite and didn't want to just sell me a piano..He tailor fitted the piano to my playing ability and my budget...Some time later I progressed and again went back to Sonny...He traded the piano back as promised and I purchased a 1925 Steinway L...Sonny is to be commended for his personnal interest in people who want to play the piano..He is the Piano man ...He's always available to answer questions and help facilitate the needs of his customers...Kudos. to Sonny

Jim, Long Island NY

show 111.jpg

Steinway L 1945 Ebony To Princeton NJ

Sonny, I got the Steinway L Grand Piano yesterday. It was great! I love the sound, the look and everything! I can’t be happier! Thank you so much! Yizhen


Steinway M 1993 To Puerto Rico (September 2014)

Hello Sonny, I a writing to thank you for your time and excellent service. We received the 1995 Steinway M piano with the PianoDisc Player System you installed in excellent condition and are enjoying it very much. I myself just signed up for classes after many years of not playing. I will send you some pictures of the piano in its new home. I will definitely recommend your company to my friends here.

Regards, Dr. Ricardo Rivera Jimenez

show 112.jpg

White Gloss Grand Piano by Young Chang To Atlanta, Georgia

Sonny, I couldn't be more pleased. I haven't played in 8 years until today. It looks beautiful and sounds great as well.


show 110.jpg

Steinway S to Chicago

Thank you Mr. Sonny We received the piano it's very beautiful thank you very much guys my daughter will play for you and I'll send you our small video thank you thank you thank you very much.


show 95.jpg

My dear wonderful Sonny,

(Originally posted on Sonny's Facebook Page) It was a year ago today when you welcomed me, and my sisters Jan and Karen into your studio, like family. It was our Mom's birthday, she had passed just weeks before. Reeling from this experience, you brought such joy where we were feeling so little. You didn't know me at all except that we were connected by music and your wonderful heart. I had just started a new job, difficult for so many reasons and there was no doubt how dark everything looked for the moment We originally connected because I was looking for a piano to replace the disaster I found at my new job. Your name, Sonny, was my Dad's, a music lover and player himself and I thought, well, here's a kindred spirit! I could not have imagined what would happen in this brief, first meeting. Having no expectations, my sisters and I drove out to meet you on this emotional day. I still remember you sitting at the Krakauer piano, playing it so sweetly, and looking up at me with a smile, quietly saying, "how about this one?" Silence. I replied, carefully, not believing what I thought I'd heard, and said, "what are you saying?" You repeated it, to which I replied, "are you giving it to me?" "Yes." Well, we're from the criers in my family so it was a moment none of us will forget. Your gift and the gift of your friendship means the world to me, to us. My students talk about you and your gift changed so many things for me, for us. You have such a loving spirit. I like to think that the world has many but sadly, few ever come together on a day such as this. You are in my thoughts always. We'll be visiting soon! Much love Linda

Linda LoPresti are an angel... a music teacher you help kids to connect to their own musician within and that is a gift they will have with them for a lifetime and they will pass it on to others they come in contact with. Regards helping you out it seems like it was meant to be...Piano Angels sent you my way and so how could we not and that piano had just come in the day before so it told me it wanted to go with you. It was a really great day when you and your family came to visit and brought wonderful music to our warehouse. A talented musical family and especially you. Looking forward to your next visit.....Sonny


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