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Sonny's Sports and Stress Management Testimonials

Sonny, The Stress Management and Tension Prevention programs you gave at Regional Headquarters, Federal Aviation Administration were excellent and well received by our employees. I personally gained a good deal of helpful information and useful techniques that I can use myself and encourage my co-workers to use to enhance good health and relive tension. -- Joan Kokindo, R.N. Occupational Nurse, Health Education Dept.

Your Stress Management Programs were the most successful program series ever offered by the Basking Ridge Council, Telephone Pioneers of America. Please accept our sincere appreciation for your time and talents in helping so many telephone people in managing the stress so prevalent in all our lives today. --Hal Bermingham, Educational Oppurtunites Chairman

Vic's program of flexibility, stress management and relaxation has been of tremendous benefit to our athletic program. Having talent and being able to use it effectively are two different concepts. Vic's program was the key that unlocked the door to success for us. I can't imagine it not being completely successful for any athlete/team be it high school, collegiate or professional. As a result of using Vic's techniques for stress management and relaxation, I feel that we have a 10% advantage over those not involved in this area. It is important to realize that this becomes the winning 10% margin. Who of us can afford to pass that by?-- Coach John VanEyk

Vic's stretching and relaxation exercises enable me to log in over 1000 miles of training and run the NYC Marathon injury free. The breathing techniques I learned worked beautifully, especially during the last six miles of the race. They helped to energize me during the final push. Using the belly breathing also helped to wipe out a side stitch which started to develop at one point. -- Dr. Alex Corsair

I think the first key is that Vic's techniques get the kids mentally relaxed and ready for practice and competition. I feel the biggest enemy to an athlete is his own mind. He can get tense and concerned that some guy is going to beat him. After using Vic's exercises, the kids practice with much more enthusiasm. They are hyped up. I think it is just beautiful. -- Coach Al Berkowsky

Your sports performance clinics which you have been going to the Centereach track and cross country teams have been one of the reasons for our success. Learning to breath correctly during competition for field events, sprints and distant races has aided in our ability to relax, handle the pressures of the race and enjoy the competition. I am writing this letter to aid you in convincing other coaches to take advantage of your program. Most people just don't know all the advantages of your help. -- Coach Harry Schneider

Before when we did tough workouts we would start to fade after a couple of days. Now, with the extra stretching from Vic's program we feel looser and are able to do more work. -- Dave Kaplan

My running form was total chaos. After doing Vic's program I started to relax and feel what I was doing more. Now I see what I am really capable of. -- Neill Kurlander

I feel Vic's Program has all but eliminated the chance of injury. It also has enabled my weight men to lift much harder and with greater results. They have experienced a great increase in strength and endurance since they first started Vic's program. -- Coach James Batcher

Vic's methods are a great training tool. I fell looser and more relaxed and I have less fear of competition and losing. -- Tim Hanlon

What Vic's methods have taught me gives me a feeling of peace matched only by running in a warm breeze along a California shore. -- Art Brown

Vic, the children just loved your program which was filled with action and music. Even the couch potatos amongst us found your presentation worthwhile. We all benefited from the exercises but the relaxation techniques were the most valuable for me. I feel your program helps children learn how to cope without going to extremes, without using drugs. -- Joyce Howard, Elementary School Teacher

Vic, you have a remarkable ability to get children and adults to relax and learn healthy techniques and attitudes. We all loved your program. Your approach, knowledge and personality created a relaxed atmosphere and we all learned new ways for feeling good. We want you to know that you have given us something special what we will never lose. -- Linda Fleming, Executive Director, Alternatives Drug Agency

I was to thank you so much for the stress reduction and relaxation presentations you made for students, teachers and parents. The response from all concerned has been very positive. Everyone wants to know when you are coming back. -- Richard Placente, NYC Elementary School Principal

Vic has a wonderful program. I started it here because I felt there was a big need for it not only for the students but for the staff as well. -- Dr. Moraghn, Former Superintendent, Tuckahoe School District

We practice Vic's exercises in our classroom. The children take it seriously and really get into it. When we finish my students are all more relaxed, alert, better behaved and more receptive to learning. -- Donna Pasquarella, NYC Elementary School Teacher

Vic's exercises are a way for children to release tension. Even though many people think children do not experience stress, they do. After we do his exercises and relaxation techniques the children lower their stress levels. then they can go on to play and work in a more constructive way. -- Anne Rachel, Southampton School Teacher

As we begin another semester, I must share with you the excitement and enthusiasm I have heard from people going to and from your courses here at LIU Southampton. Comments are made every day such as: "This is the best course I've ever taken"; "I never realized how important correct breathing is", and "I just love this class". My compliments to you on your knowledge of your subject material, enthusiasm and style of delivery; and your steadfast devotion to the real principles of exercise physiology, stress management and excellence in teaching. Keep up the great job! -- Mary E. Topping Director of P.E. & Athletics, LI University, Southampton

You present a most valuable workshop and made participants aware of the ways they can add relaxation and stress reduction into their everyday routines. They particularly enjoyed doing the exercise and relaxation techniques. -- Adrienne Kaufaman, BOCES Administrator

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