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Sonny’s Pianos “The Fox News” interview with Sonny Stancarone about his Piano Yoga Method!

Fox News reporter Jodi Goldberg stopped at Sonny's Piano Warehouse to interview Sonny about his Piano Yoga Method and pick up some quick tips on how to play piano for health & well being.

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By innovatively combining the technology of the Internet with the relaxation techniques of of yoga, Sonny Stancarone, who has owned Sonnys' Piano Studio on Railroad Avenue since 1997, has created a straightforward method to learn and play the piano instantly. 

WORLD PIANO NEWS-Internet Publication - Two More Million Dollar Steinways
Fox News features Sonny's MILLION DOLLAR STEINWAY: A Prince's Love Piano

Sonny is available for TV and radio interviews, and other media appearances.
For Info About Lectures, Seminars, Courses CALL 631-


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