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The Breathe, Relax, Flow & Enjoy 
"Mindfulness Method "

For Playing Piano Instantly 

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Sonny's Piano Yoga

Interactive Video Book

    A Guide for Connecting to Your Musician Within

          & Improving Health & Well Being

      By Vic "Sonny" Stancarone, M.A.

“There is no right or wrong way of playing the piano…

only playing. It’s not what you play that counts but THAT you play.”  Piano playing goes beyond what specific music or way you play. On a deeper level the very act of sitting at the piano brings you health and energy benefits that transcends the music you are playing and enters the realm of a mind, body, spirit connection with the piano, with life, love, and the universe.”  

Vic 'Sonny" Stancarone

Who’s This Book For?

  • Looking for a fun, easy, no stress, quick, relaxing approach to playing the piano. Never played before, but always wanted to, took lessons, and got bored, study or play classical but want to learn the chord method. Singles and couples wanting an activity that’s social, entertaining and will involve them into a new community of piano enthusiasts. 

  • Piano players & other musicians wanting quick ways to enhance their playing abilities, loosen up, relax and enjoy playing more. Looking for new approaches for improvising and playing by ear. Play other instruments and want a quick, intuitive way to pick up the piano. Singers who want to learn how to accompany themselves on the piano.

  • Piano students participating in musical competitions & contests where they are judged and graded, based on how perfectly they play and are looking for ways to relax, reduce performance anxiety, stress, worry, fear and to perform better.

  • People into yoga, mindfulness, meditation, sound bath therapy, Zen, Buddhism, eastern philosophy, healing energies, Reiki and all kinds of music looking to explore new horizons and applications for their interests.

  • Just retired and want a hobby, recreational outlet, or a way to keep your mind active and stimulated. Inherited a piano from family or friends and don’t play but want to. Have a piano sitting in your home collecting dust. Thinking of getting rid of it but why not learn to play it in an easy, quick, fun way. Do something positive, healthy, and creative.

  • For people who have experienced a recent loss and need a way to grieve, heal and express their emotions.  Looking for relief from stress and anxiety or a way to release and channel sadness, loneliness, depression, and fear into positive productive activity.

  • Teenagers who have been studying the traditional way of playing the piano and now want to improvise and play rock, blues, jazz or write their own music. Parents with preschoolers who are looking for a fun, easy way to learn piano. Piano Teachers looking for new material to present to their students. Elementary School teachers who want to quickly learn piano basics.

  • Parents who want to get their children and teens off the tech gadgets and into something that will help them channel their energy and feelings into positive, productive behavior. Want to help family members with learning disabilities and emotional issues.

  • Psychotherapists, Social Workers, drug, alcohol, and grief counselors, recreational directors at cancer centers, hospice, nursing homes, assisted living centers, VA centers, looking for new modalities to help their clients.

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