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White Gloss Otto Altenberg $3,900 by Samick Grand Piano Immaculate, Pristine, Showroom Condition

Updated: Nov 30, 2023


Beautiful, Immaculate, pristine, showroom condition white gloss Otto Altenberg, Grand Piano 5'7" with rich, resonant, grand piano sound. Owned by a Doctor who never played it. The hammers literally have no marks or mileage. Served as a beautiful centerpiece in her home. Look at the photos of the hammers, action and the strings and pins all are like new. Otto Altenberg Pianos from the early 90's were made by Samick Pianos one of largest piano manufacturers in the world. This piano was made exceptionally well. See the last photo it's the underside of the piano. If you notice it has 6 beams supporting the soundboard. Steinways have three beams which is considered exceptionally well made. Some pianos only have one or two. This one has six. Gives it a very rich sound. Great candidate for a PianoDisc Player System comes with a free iPad loaded with over 4000 songs. Warranty, free after delivery tuning. Nationwide delivery. Questions? Call or email Sonny 631 475-8046 or



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