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Piano Player Systems: Sonny's Player Pianos Demo! Install a PianoDisc Prodigy Player System!


Now you don't have to know how to play the piano to enjoy the sounds of beautiful piano music in your home. We can install the PianoDisc Prodigy Player System in any piano you purchase from us way below the MSR price. Here Sonny's Pianos just installed PianoDisc IQ Player Systems into 3 of their art case pianos including the Green Chinoiserie Steinway M Hand Painted Masterpiece. The other two were art case pianos, a Knabe and a Vose. The PianoDisc Prodigy Player System runs off a Blue Tooth iPad which comes with over 4000 songs and 70 videos. This is a welcome improvement over the previous generations of player systems which had an unsightly black or silver box visible from the front of the piano and would require CD's or Floppy disks to be put in and taken out of the player box so your piano would play music. The system also has speakers that EW installed underneath the piano so your piano not only plays itself but on some songs has accompaniment coming out of the speaker. Examples of accompaniment is an orchestra, vocals, bass and drums. The system comes with a 5 year warranty from PianoDisc. For further info about installing a player system into a Sonny's Piano call Sonny at 631-475-8046 or e-mail!



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